CDC Simulate Optical Fiber Box For BMW IDRIVE CCC – E65 E66

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1. Supported Models
For BMW E65 E66.

2. Usage Scenarios
If your original car does not have AUX, you will not get Android sound after installing the Android screen, but you can solve the problem of no sound via this device .

3. Product Features
If your E65 E66 does not have Aux, you can use this fiber box to access other input devices, and you will hear very nice Android sound in the car.
If you use it with an Android PEMP screen, you will get even better results.

4. Caution
After using it, the CD changer channel of the original car is busy, so the CDC of the original car cannot be used;

Fiber optic box installation method
1. Disconnect the green fiber optic cable from the OEM CDC; connect it to the PEMP fiber optic cable marked TO OEM CDC Male Plug;

2. Connect the fiber optic cable marked with OEM CDC sockets to the original CDC socket;

3. Connect the yellow wire marked ACC+12V on the PEMP fiber optic box to the car's ACC power supply; connect the black wire to the car ground.